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Dark Rainforest Path
Bloodlink eBook Cover - White.png


What happens when your only link to the world is the taste of blood?

Katelyn Phillips cannot feel a thing. She is numb to the world, deprived of all physical sensations. Not a touch; not a hug. Not even a kiss. Cursed to remain unchanged as the world progresses. Stealing from life but unable to experience it. Desperate for a connection that is forever out of her reach, for that’s the vampire’s curse. Such desperation is enough to drive one mad.  


She has been bitten and abandoned. Fear is ready to consume her when she wakes up at the dead of night in a mysterious manor with no clue how she got there. Cut off from the living world, she faces a life of endless night as she fights to control her mind and her throbbing thirst for blood. But she is not alone. 

A clan of misfit vampires extends a hand of fellowship, willing to help and teach her their ways, but a red eyed demon lurks in the uppermost room of the manor; a monster that would love to kill anything in sight, even someone like Kate. And her so-called new ‘friends’ may not be all that they seem. Yet, even greater dangers lay hidden, just within the line of shadows.  


As secrets mount, Kate’s sanity begins to slip. If she cannot uncover the mysteries of how she became a vampire and those of the clan itself, she may lose all connection to her past, present, and future to the monster that has infected her blood.  


Fans of paranormal mystery will find a story full of intrigue, mystery, and dark secrets that will have you up all night looking for answers.


Can Kate maintain her sanity? Or will deceit break every connection as she loses her mind to the monster within? Choose a button to start your investigation into the world of the vampire today.

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